Metabolism, schmabolism

We like when things are easy. It’s nice to put your fate in somebody else’s hands, close your eyes and let them lead the way. When it comes to health an average Joe has handed the reigns over to the government, cancer councils, media and doctors. As doctors, we rely on “guidelines” which is another way of saying that somebody else did the research, came to conclusions and hey presto! We have the answer. Why do we not explain to Joe how his body actually works? Why do we not sift through scientific papers and analyze their findings? Because it’s too bloody hard.
 It’s very convenient to herd a group of sheep into a small enclosure where you want them to be. What’s that? An individual thought? Calm yourself, little sheep, the smart people in charge know what they are doing. Let them think about these complicated issues and then tell you what you should eat, when and where.
 I believe that when you treat people like they are dumb, they will respond accordingly. But if you give them information, they will feel empowered and use their own brain to decide what is good for them.
 On that note, I will write a few basic posts covering the basics of metabolism: how the body processes food, how it uses up fuel, where do all these calories go and why they sometimes end up on our thighs.
When I think of my audience, I am aiming at Lyn, my partner’s mother. She has never studied science, but she is very intelligent and interested in health. If you are likewise brand new, don’t get bogged down in details. Look at the big picture. If you are a biochemistry guru, some concepts will be simplified for my sake and Lyn’s :).
Happy reading. Baaa.

7 thoughts on “Metabolism, schmabolism

  1. Particularly interesting for me, as I have one of those metabolisms that all girls envy (ie. I eat anything and don’t put on any weight to show for it). A blessing and a curse all at once. It’s hard to know though what it is I *should* be doing to try and gain weight, short of turning to illicit substances.

    So I look very much forward to hearing what you have to say about metabolism 🙂

  2. Hi, great blog! I’ve been Paleo for well over a year now, and it is the best thing in my life I have ever done in terms of my health, and how I feel, and how I look. It is great to see people like yourself in the medical community getting onboard with this whole movement.

    I just read a fantastic post the other day by one of my favourite bloggers Dr Kurt Harris of on the whole concept of “Paleo”:

    It is a great read, and he also credits Gary Taubes with pulling the rug from under his feet… Anyway, looking forward to your future posts!


    • Thanks Ben. I love Dr Harris’s blog and wholeheartedly agree with his take on “paleo”. This movement is still very new in Australia. First we need to turn our food pyramid upside down! Good to have the support of paleo buffs like yourself.

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