Consider yourself a nutrition expert? Take a quiz and find out!

When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, we are all experts. Thanks to Women’s Day, Men’s Health, body building sites and your Sunday paper, everyone has an opinion. Now is your chance to find out how much you actually know. The questions are based on basic biochemistry of human metabolism and therefore are not somebody’s point of view. They are simple hard facts you can find in any biochemistry or endocrinology textbook. Good luck!

1. The predominant fat in lard (pork fat) is:
A. Saturated
B. Monounsaturated
C. Polyunsaturated
D. I only buy margarine

2. Saturated fat consumption in the 20th century has:
A. Increased
B. Decreased
C. Unchanged
D. I haven’t seen saturated fat since I was 5

3. What component of the diet raises blood triglycerides the most?
A. Carbohydrates
B. Fat
C. Protein
D. I have never had a cholesterol/lipid blood test and have no idea what you are talking about

4. What is the effect of low-carb diet on HDL (“good cholesterol”)?
A. Increases HDL
B. Decreases HDL
C. No change
D. Low-carb diets are a fad and I will never try one

5. Estimate the glycemic index of the following foods (guess to the nearest 10 or choose low/medium/high):
A. “Frosties” breakfast cereal
B. Boiled potato
C. Eggs
D. Peanut M&M’s
E. Muesli bar with dried fruit
F. Super supreme pan pizza

6. Most of the blood cholesterol comes from your diet:

7. What is the preferred fuel for the heart?
A. Carbohydrates
B. Fat
C. Protein
D. Love

8. Which foods contain the most Vitamin A:
A. Carrots
B. Milk
C. Eggs
D. Liver

9. What happens in your body if you don’t get a carbohydrate fix 4 hours after your last meal? (in a healthy individual)
A. You go delirious and slip into a coma
B. You start burning your hard-earned muscle undoing all the work in the gym
C. Your body activates hormones which start burning body fat for energy sparing muscle proteins
D. This travesty has never occurred since you always carry a cereal bar for such occasions

10. What is the difference between saturated and trans fats?
A. There is no difference, they both cause heart attacks
B. There is no difference as they are both solid
C. Trans fats are man-made by hydrogenation, saturated fats are abundant in nature
D. I don’t know but this quiz has made me hungry

Answers in the next post!