Paleo Nutrition Seminar: Inner West CrossFIT

Last night I had the greatest pleasure to present a Paleo/primal nutrition seminar to the folks from Inner West CrossFIT in Sydney. They are currently doing the 30day Paleo challenge and wanted somebody “sciency” to talk to them about the benefits of primal nutrition.

The 6pm WOD was cancelled (I don’t know how they survived without it), it was pouring rain outside and I had some good looking fit people sitting on wooden boxes and ab mats in front of me.

A high-tech girl that I am, I pulled out my butcher’s paper (thank goodness for Blu-Tac) and some textas and we were good to go.

What we discussed:

1. Low levels of Western disease in traditional populations
2. Western countries and the epidemic of chronic diseases in spite of the achievements of modern medicine.
3. (Very) brief nutritional history of humans
– from 2 million years ago till today
– the birth of diet-heart hypothesis 50 years ago and how it changed the way we eat forever
4. Paleo nutrition is not a re-enactment. We briefly touched on The Framework of Common Sense and how to use it.
5. Neolithic agents of disease
– wheat
– fructose
– industrial seed oils
– unfermented soy
6. Balanced food choices, including safe starches to last through their WODs and a few treats like dark chocolate and fruit
7. Dairy: why I believe that diary has a place in primal nutrition
8. Relying on hunger signals: when they are helpful and when they are not.
9. Meal frequency and how to unlearn the snacking habit.

The discussion got pretty lively: “healthy” fruit juices, how many eggs, is quinoa ok, which soy products were safe, managing the energy slump in the first 2 weeks and even gluten-free beer.

I finished up with a plea not to get too obsessive about little things. Food should still be enjoyable and fun.

After finishing the presentation in 70 minutes (I consider this an achievement) we chatted about Paleo, crossfit, women’s health and fueling the crossfit body.

It was great to see a group of people so passionate about health and fitness. I hope they have learned something new from our talk. My other secret hope is that at the end of their 30 day Paleo challenge some will decide that they want to continue and reap the benefits of the new lifestyle. Good luck to you all!


11 thoughts on “Paleo Nutrition Seminar: Inner West CrossFIT

  1. did you get it recorded for uploading to youtube or similar?
    would be really interested in seeing it.

    • Yes, it did get recorded, but I haven’t seen the video yet, not sure about the quality and the sound. If it looks ok, maybe I can put up a little snippet. But I am planning on developing the presentation so maybe I’ll wait for the improved version.

  2. Question 1: Why is fructose a “neolithic” agent of disease? Ancient man had fruit and I have seen intelligent speculation that it was just as sugary as modern fruit (especially in tropical regions). Wouldn’t it be more precise to say “refined sugar” instead of “fructose”? And isn’t the real culprit here high-fructose-corn-syrup?

    Question 2: Do the Japanese eat fermented soy? I know that soy comprises a large part of their diet and yet they are very healthy as a group; the healthiest in the industrial world? What type of soy are they eating and how does it differ from the soy eaten in the West?

    Question 3: I have read good arguments for frequent meals and infrequent meals. It seems that there is science to support either lifestyle. What is your argument against frequent meals and how do you answer the objections that there are many studies that show that people who ate more frequent meals had BETTER insulin sensitivity?



    • Hi Doug, you raise some valid points here. I started writing the answer in comments but it blew out. So I have decided to make it into a post. Hope it helps.

  3. Great stuff Anastasia! You covered a lot in the timeframe, but covered all the right areas! How do you feel now it is done? Have you got the bug to do more? I might have to keep you on standby to present for us! Good job.

    • Thanks, Jamie, it was great fun. I have lots of ideas in my head on how to improve it and deliver it better already. Definitely work in progress but i am happy with how it went. I would love to do it again, keep in touch.

  4. I look forward to seeing the video. I am particularly interested in knowing your take on dairy–why you believe it has a place in primal nutrition. I’m not disagreeing–I am glad, because I like (love) dairy (the full fat kind) and would need a really good reason to give it up (I haven’t found any). Just curious as to your thoughts.

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  6. Hi Anastasia,

    This is Gemma, one of the owners of Inner West CrossFit, we have opened a second gym and wondered if you would be interested in doing another talk, pretty much the same as last time for new members ?

    Inbox me on

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