Stuff that you need for finals…

First I’d like to thank everyone who left comments, messages and tweets following my daughter’s guest post. As I have mentioned before, kid Paleo (or any kid diet sans soft drinks, pizza, brightly coloured boxed non-food and protein generously covered in flour and fried in industrial oil) can be a very lonely place to be. Michelle was ecstatic to receive so much support. Her guest post ended up being my most popular post to date (I’m not sure whether it’s a reflection of her eloquent writing or my own nerdy articles). Needless to say, she will be invited for another guest spot.

Secondly, I will be taking a 2-week break from blogging. My final medical school exams are just over a week away and I’m finding it really hard to concentrate on anything else. It’s a slightly scary prospect that the last 4 years of medical school and the preceding 4 years of undergraduate studies have come down to 375 questions (I think) over 3 days. Sounds grossly inadequate somehow.

So how do I prepare to cover the whole of medicine, surgery, obstetrics, family medicine and critical care? (I did my pediatrics and psychiatry assessments last year). Well, I think that a week before the exam is not the time to learn. I have this weird sensation that my head is officially full and any attempts to fit any more information inside it will result in epic loss of all existing data. And seriously, if you don’t know it by now you’ve left it a bit late. So the plan for the next week is to focus on the information retrieval process, i.e. plenty of practice papers and dummy questions. And in case you are wondering, here is a fraction of what I am actually supposed to know.

Wish me luck. I’ll still be available on Twitter for some light-hearted distraction (sad, I know). I am not nervous, yet. I feel quite at peace with the thought that if I do fail I can always go into full-time blogging. It seems like a pretty cool gig.

See you in a couple of weeks.


16 thoughts on “Stuff that you need for finals…

  1. Good luck! Having been a few years since I took a med school test, I’m not particularly looking forward to that aspect of getting back to the clinical years, but it does come with other benefits! I am sure you will do well (and that’s not just trying to be polite). I loved the video- I stand by the concept of the public health trifecta (condoms, hand sanitizer, and vaccines)!

  2. I remember my finals so well….but you do have more room for ever increasing CME…just thought I’d add that. Best of luck to you, although by my reading I doubt you’ll need it.

  3. Every good luck message is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Not long to go now, and in the meantime I spend my days doing some last minute reading outside my house on the grass while simultaneously working on my tan (it’s a gorgeous spring in this part of the world). I have a couple of future blog posts forming in my head but I’m forcing them to the back of my mind for now. I will publish my exam progress early next week.

  4. I know I’m a bit late–I’ve been away and am just getting caught up–but I do wish you the best of luck and the ability to sit there and calmly retrieve all the information that you have stored up in your brain. You are going to be an amazing doctor, so I want very much for you to succeed beyond all expectations. See you when all is done!

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