Stranded in no Internet limbo…

I am not dead, I haven’t said farewell to Paleo and I haven’t sold my soul to pharmaceutical companies. I have no working Internet at home. In the year 2011 this should be akin to having no toothbrush. Writing and editing posts on a tiny screen doesn’t tickle my fancy so I’m hanging out for ADSL to get connected in about 2 weeks. Oops, it’s Christmas. Make it 3 weeks.

I have many drafts sitting in my folders and in my head. Come back and check on the website soon, I’m planning a little upgrade, including finally saying goodbye to “medical student” in my bio. You can also find me on Facebook Primalmeded page and on Twitter @primalmeded. I’ll be back soon, I promise!


4 thoughts on “Stranded in no Internet limbo…

  1. My name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die.*

    No, wait! It’s Janknitz and I’m glad to you are not dead. Eagerly awaiting more posts.

    *You’ll “get” this when you watch Princess Bride!

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