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Coffeez, many many coffeez

As you might have noticed it has been a little quiet on primalmeded. Anyone who has ever had personal contact with hospital residents would appreciate that we have very little time on our hands for anything other than sleepandeat. I have become very proficient with checking Twitter and reading other people’s posts while running between wards but I know it’s only a matter of time before I knock over a patient. I also once again have confirmed to myself that I am a secret introvert. While I enjoy interaction with patients, families and other doctors, I really need time on my own to regroup and recover. Blogging is a form of communication that requires giving the mental energy I do not have at the moment.

However, while I have not had any time to write anything I have been busy networking within this amazing community. First, the omnipresent Jimmy Moore kindly asked me for an interview and our conversation on everything from medical education to doctors’ nutrition knowledge and my own story was released on February 20 (you can listen to it here). It was a totally novel experience for me (you can tell by the amount of nervous “errs and ahms” I do in the first 10 minutes) but Jimmy was very patient and got me talking. A warm welcome to those of you who found me through Livin La Vida Low Carb and a heartfelt thank you to everybody who listened and sent their encouraging messages.

I also got invited to register on PrimalDocs, a website listing physicians and healthcare practitioners with an evolutionary approach to health and nutrition. At the moment I am one of 2 (!) medical doctors listed in Australia and I don’t even have my own practice so technically I would class myself as half a doctor anyway. But I guess it’s a start.

Which brings me to the third bit of news.

A few weeks ago I got contacted by Dr Rod Tayler, an anaesthetist from Melbourne and the principal investigator of The SWEET (Sugar and Weight Effect at Epworth sTudy). For those of you who have been diligently reading everything paleo for a while (i.e. you have no social life) you might recognise his name from a post by ThatPaleoGuy, Jamie Scott “Can eating fruit lead to weight gain?”. That post was the cause of several cordial e-mails between Australia and New Zealand (weird, huh?) and to cut a long story short Jamie put Rod in touch with me. The end result of our mutual emails and phone calls is a Melbourne get together with all interested parties in attendance.

The event will be held at Port Melbourne Town Hall, 333 Bay street Port Melbourne on Saturday March 17, 2012.

The program at the moment looks like this (the talks and titles are still being finalised):


“Are 30 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Day Too Many” Rod Tayler

“Fructose and Fat” Ken Sikaris (the Head of Chemical Pathology at Melbourne Pathology)

“What Should We Eat” Anastasia Boulais

“Evolutionary Mismatch in the Workplace” Jamie Scott

10.30am Morning Tea

11.00am “Big Fat Lies” book launch by David Gillespie

11.45am Break

12.00pm Forum

The best thing is that the event is FREE. If you happen to be in Melbourne and want to come and hang out with us, listen to some short talks and ask a few questions you are very welcome. As far as I know the hall can fit 200 so we have some room. If you have any questions you can shoot me an email on (anastasia at primalmeded dot com).

That’s all folks. My team is on take this weekend (i.e. every patient who comes through the door of this hospital since Friday night will be under our care tomorrow morning, yikes) so I am expecting a very hectic few days. Over and out.












14 thoughts on “News, interviews and Melbourne

  1. It’s great to hear from you, Anastasia, even if you are crazy busy! I think we all understand how that can be, and nobody begrudges you. 🙂 Do what you need to keep yourself sane, first and foremost!

    The event sounds so fantastic! It’s a list of names I’d love to go and meet and hear talks by… if only it wasn’t in Melbourne! XD Any chance you’ll consider a repeat performance in Sydney? 😀 (I know, it’d be a lot of hassle. I can just be ever-hopeful!) Good luck with it, I’m sure you’ll get a full house!!

      • Ooh, thanks Anastasia!! I did see Suz post about something coming up, but she hadn’t provided enough details yet, so I got more excited over your event! I’ll keep an eye on her blog. 😀

  2. Great news, Anastasia. Will try to make it to the event on the 17th! Good luck with the patients – Cheers, (CaffeineCity)

  3. You did a great job on the Jimmy Moore interview–I thouroughly enjoyed putting a voice to your blog!

    LOL, to us Americans, it seems quite civilized to include “morning tea” in a conference schedule. They have a “coffee break” as a matter of course at most conferences I attend here in the US, but I don’t recall seeing same actually placed on a schedule. And here they almost always serve sugar-laden pastries along with the coffee. It will be interesting to hear what they serve there!

    • Thanks Jan. The interview was fun to do and I hope I got my ideas and my personality across. Morning tea and afternoon tea are the archaic institutions in this country. Unfortunately they also promote constant snacking and yes, pastries and coffee. Rod assured me that the morning tea in this case will be provided by the Melbourne Paleo group. Will keep you posted 🙂

  4. Hi Anastasia. First time here. Don’t worry about being an introvert. You’re in good company, eg. Julia Roberts, Isaac Newton (apparently) lol. Thanks for sharing primal docs. I’ve been reading about the paleo thing for a while now, since I got Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint. And now I ready to actually do it properly, so I’m soaking up all the information out there so it’s pretty cool how I stumbled across your blog.


  5. Hello from India! I just ran into your blog – excellent work and well-considered advice. I’ve been eating low-carb for about six months, and have made huge improvements in my own general health. Looking forward to more articles.

  6. I take it that it’s not necessary to register for the event at Port Melb on Sat 17th? Just turn up?

  7. Hello Anastasia,
    I found your blog only today (17th March) via my favourite- Mark’s Daily Apple. I am very glad I did. It is wonderful to know there is an interest in this lifestyle in Australia too. I am sorry that I learnt about the event in Port Melbourne when it was too late:(. Hopefully there will be more symposiums in the future. It’s closer than the Weston Price event in Dallas last year!

    Anyway, congratulations and thankyou on your graduation and foray into spreading a healthier way of living. I’ll sign up for the newsletters straight away.
    Di from Melbourne.

  8. Hi Sarah,I’ve been doing the CrossFit/Paleo lifestyle now for about a month, and am lonivg every second of it, especially CF! However, I have struggled with easy, nutritous, Paleo meals that I can take on the go. My career is time-consuming and my biggest struggle/obstacle was quick meals I can make when I don’t get home until late, or something I can grab for breakfast on the way to the train after my CF workout. Thanks to your blog I now have so many ideas I’m working with, and am so excited to know that I can actually truly accomplish the Paelo aspect of my brand new lifestyle without sacrificing taste or variety!I read all of your blogs yesterday (except for the ones involving seafood since I’m not a fan of it haha), and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into this. It has truly inspired me to think outside of the box! You make it seem easy and I can’t wait for your book to be released!! Take care,-Judi

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