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It’s been pretty quiet on the blog recently. I have recently started my ED (emergency department) term and it has been quite decent. Most people imagine ED straight out of the episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy: insanely chaotic with patients bleeding out of every orifice, relatives sobbing in the corridor, gurneys flying at warp speed and scrubs-clad doctors shouting “Epinephrine, STAT!” Errr… No. My small hospital is very civilised with crumbly oldies coming in with exacerbations of chronic conditions (COPD, heart failure, arrhythmia, diabetes), young lads with pub crawl injuries and a very occasional trauma. I feel like I inquired: “any burning or stinging on passing urine?” about a hundred times this last week. Just in case you thought the life of an ED doc was glamourous.

In addition to my ED duties I also share the out of hours cover of hospital wards on a rotating roster with other residents. This involves an occasional weekend shift, an evening cover or an all-night on call for operating theatres. On that note, a plea to women in the local area: please choose a decent time to require an urgent c-section other than 3am! And if you are having acute appendicitis please be so kind as to come to hospital during day hours. So inconsiderate.

Take into account food, sleep, exercise and personal life and I am left with about 15 mins a day for research, reading and blogging.

After experiencing massive nerdfest withdrawals post-AHS12 and Whole9 seminar I am now happily looking forward to another event in the ancestral/evomed community: Low Carb Down Under seminar series. If you are in Australia and reading this, you should definitely try to get involved. The event will bring together the inquisitive minds of doctors, nutritionists, fitness professionals, authors, media personalities and general public, keen to learn more about their bodies, nutrition and health. And then, of course, we’ll have the always galant Jimmy Moore and his wife Christine making a journey across the Pacific to be in all 5 cities.

Jamie Scott and I will be speaking at the Brisbane event (if we ever make it through a 7hr road trip without murdering each other).

Here is the outline of my little talk:

Why Paleo is the best low carb diet.

Anastasia will talk about the intersection of Paleolithic diets with low carb approach, point out the common misconceptions about Paleo vs LC and discuss the benefits of the evolutionary approach to LC diet and lifestyle.

Here is Jamie’s talk:

Pillow Talk: Taking low-carb living to the bedroom

When engaging in a low-carb lifestyle, people often meticulously plan every aspect of their diet. Yet rarely do we see this level of planning and regard for an aspect of our life that is absolutely vital to successful appetite regulation, and therefore, low-carb living; Sleep.

Nutritionist, Jamie Scott, will show you why your bed – and vitamin z – is as important to your diet as a well-stocked fridge.

If you can make it, feel free to come up and chat at the event. Otherwise, expect a blog post on my experiences.
There are a few things still brewing in that busy brain of mine so keep your open.

Something to read on your Sunday night:

1. Dr Rod Tayler, one of the organisers of LCDU, talks to 180 nutrition about his journey away from the conventional wisdom.
2. Jamie stupidly bravely takes on a food giant.
3. J. Stanton talks dental health.
4. A must see from Richard Dawkins: a 3 part series on life in an atheist world. Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life.


A weekend trip to Elleborough Falls


8 thoughts on “Work, life, updates

  1. Funny – I was just lamenting to myself yesterday that I hadn’t seen a post from you or Jamie recently… and then both of you posted today! Are you sure you’re not reading my mind? πŸ˜‰
    Seriously, good to see you post in spite of being so busy! I hope the occasional odd hours are not messing with your lifestyle too much.
    I’ve just recently moved away from Sydney to Yass (and am loving rural living) but I’ve already booked my tickets for the Sydney leg of Low Carb Down Under! I’m really excited to go. I guess you and Jamie will only be attending the Brisbane one? Too bad, I’d have loved to see your talks! Maybe next time. πŸ™‚ (Guess I’ll just have to live with only getting to see Jimmy Moore. πŸ˜‰ ) I hope you both have a great time and get lots of great responses to your talks!!

    • Hey Cassiel, good to know somebody is keeping tabs on me πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy the Sydney event, wish I could make it there! We have a few projects in the works and I think we will definitely make it to Sydney very soon. And I hear you about rural living. Happy to say I do not miss Sydney at all!

  2. I expect, being you’ve a few other things to be getting on with, that you’re don’t have anything to do with organising the Low Carb Down Under event but I expect those that are will follow this post so I’m, admittedly lazily, commenting here for that reason:

    The Byron pages say “Time: 3pm – 10pm”: That’s an awfully long and luxurious timeframe for most working people, not to mention a long booking for the Community Centre. Is a more specific one going to be posted closer to the time or is it really SEVEN hours?

    I don’t know how much interest the event has had so this may be a meaningless comment, but, I’m surprised that the event leans so much on the low carb angle. To be honest, that title puts me off as sounding quite agenda driven. We all know how divisive “low carb” has become with umpteen media articles automatically associating the paleo / primal diet with LCHF diets and dismissing them almost for that reason alone. Personally I want to hear as many angles as reasonable (e.g. I’m just as happy to read Anthony Colpo name-calling paleotards and mercilessly teasing the low carb agenda as to read Andreas Eenfeldt’s blog) but this doesn’t sound to be that kind of event. I’m interested in hearing if I’ve got it all wrong though.

    I should also admit that I was initially interested in hearing talks by you and Jamie but those are in Brisbane. Understandable of course what with this being a small town and to be honest I’m surprised there even is a Byron event as everyone here is in pretty good shape already. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway hopefully I don’t sound like a moaning bah, humbugger, just trying to give some feedback from a potential punter.

    • Hey Nick. I’m not at all involved in the organising of the event so not sure about Byron times. Do people even work at Byron? πŸ˜‰ We would have loved to speak at other locations but times clashed with other commitments.
      Re low carb angle. Hmmm. I might have to write a post on it later but I’m reserving my judgement until I actually go to the event. Yes, it seems very narrow. My only explanation is that we are a little slow on the uptake here and this is just a stage Australian nutrition knowledge will have to go through. Both mine and Jamie’s talk are a deliberate attempt to broaden the discussion, moving away from a macronutrient ratio to evolutionary principles and other lifestyle contributors.

      • Ah it’s easy to spot those that work in Byron. Just look for that pained am-I-going-to-make-enough-to-cover-rent expression!

        I think you nailed exactly why I was interested in hearing your and Jamie’s talks as they do sound like you’re trying to widen the discussion. Anyway hope they go well.

        I’m now off to do the right thing and actually send an email to the organisers instead of being a lazy moaner.

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