Whole9 South Pacific: holy moly!

I like when a plan comes together. It all started with a few jokes over email, continued over delicious meals in Boston and got sealed this November with some very official-sounding paperwork. No, I am not talking about my personal life. This is about a new exciting venture involving myself, some kiwi hunk and a Good Food power couple from the US.

Yes, I am referring to our partnership with Dallas and Melissa from Whole9.

Whole 9 Eventbrite bannerIf you are not yet familiar with their amazing work you are missing out big time (go dive into their blog and get their book RIGHT NOW). I have always been a huge fan of their approach and I am tickled pink that I can now call myself a part of their team.

They have now introduced us as Whole9 South Pacific on their blog and have kindly allowed us to write a post discussing one of our pet topics: socialisation and its role in healthy nutrition. And I cannot believe that they didn’t edit it to spell the word with a “z”. Un-real.

Anyway, Jamie and I are now officially available to run Whole9 workshops in our part of the world. Obviously Australia and New Zealand are high on the list but if there is an eager host in Japan (always wanted to visit!) or Vanuatu (we can run it on the beach!) we are open to ideas.

If you are a gym/cafe owner or Paleo group member and would like to find of how to host a gig send your request to workshops (at) whole9life (dot) com. If you are an enthusiastic whole9/Paleo/primal fan and would like to participate, keep an eye out for our event announcement or better still, start harassing encouraging your local meetup group or Crossfit gyms to host.

And to top it all off, we are happy to announce that the first ever Whole9 South Pacific workshop in Australia will be held in Cairns and hosted by the Paleo Cafe. Spread the word!

Whole9 South Pacific is our new baby but I am definitely not planning to step away from this blog. I will continue to write on random topics that take my fancy and share my thoughts and frustrations with anyone who can understand my slightly twisted sense of humour (cheers to all eight of you).


16 thoughts on “Whole9 South Pacific: holy moly!

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  2. OMG, Anastasia, congrats! That’s seriously awesome!! I’m such a fan of the Whole9 people to begin with, got super excited when Jamie was added to the team, and now you’re a part of the team too!? Woo! 😀 Unfortunately real life constraints won’t allow me to attend the first workshop in Cairns, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for future events, and doing my all to support you guys!

    I think it’s totally understandable for you to be focusing on that rather than your blog, even if I will miss seeing you post more often. But I’ll be cheering you on (in spirit). Again, congrats, and keep at it!

    P.S. I can’t actually offer to host in Japan, but if you ever need a translator there, I can help with that. (I currently work as a freelance translator, and previously spent 3+ years living in Japan working as a translator full-time.) And if you ever want a translator to help liaise with anyone there (email etc) feel free to ask! Sadly my contacts over there are not in appropriate fields, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground for interested parties. (I’m also currently meant to be translating the Whole30 into Japanese as well, but real life stuff has had me shelve that for awhile. Hope to get to it in the new year!)

    • Thank you Cassiel! Hopefully the workshop in Cairns will not be our only one (we better not drop the ball) and we shall see you at some point among the participants. Thanks for the offer to interpret as well. I shall keep you in mind if we need a hand. It’s awesome to have the support of people like yourself in Australia.

      • No, thank you! 😀 I seriously hope you guys won’t drop the ball! I’ll play cheerleader if you need it. 😉
        The offer for translating/interpreting stands indefinitely, so if you ever need it, feel free to ask. I wish I had more pertinent skills to offer, but those are the skills I have, so there you go. I honestly wish I could be more helpful or do something more to help you guys out, but aside from translation, the only pertinent skill I have is my ability to organize and plan. XD

  3. Really great stuff! Especially having MDs like yourself actively involved in “Paleo type biz”.

    And hey you have two more readers than Robb Wolf’s podcast has listeners? You’re going over huge!

  4. Round of applause to Anastasia and Jamie!
    Sounds great. But think you should add in your blog post above, for anyone to host a workshop in that little (teeny-tiny-almost-gets-forgotten-about) island to the south of the big one and west of the other two, Tassie. Please!!!!

  5. Very excited about the possibility of attending a Whole9 workshop in New Zealand in the near future! I’m big fans of you and Jamie, and it’s brilliant your part of this bigger team now too.

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  7. Great to hear! I’m a doc in NZ actively doing paleo interventions with folks. Looking forward to the collaboration in this part of the world.

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