Goodbye to Primalmeded

It is time. I have been putting this off for a while. You may (or may not) have noticed that Primalmeded has been in slumber for quite a while. After a year of big life changes, including moving countries, it is also time to move my digital home as well.

I have been incredibly humbled by the response I have received since the birth of this blog. I have created lifelong friendships and relationships. I have learned so much but also have become painfully aware of how much there is still to learn. It is a daunting never-ending task but some of us (stupidly) dive into this rabbit hole and never re-emerge.

Primalmeded was a good start. I will keep the posts available for a while still. I do not go back and edit my articles. It is tempting to correct all the old naive assumptions but that feels wrong. It’s like editing a journal. You cannot correct the past, make it shiny, and pretty, and error-free. Those flaws are precious in themselves, making life richer and more real. So if you are browsing through the archives, bear in mind that my thinking may have evolved since the time a particular post was written.

My new online home is shared with my partner Jamie. We have very different writing styles and, hopefully, this will make for some interesting reading. As usual, there will be no blatant self-promotion or advertising of any kind on that blog. The regular programming of musings, rants, science, and whatever else I am interested at any given time will continue.

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