Life on the edge

These sites are more focused on lifestyle and implementing the changes to your nutrition, exercise and sometimes a way of life. They might look at the latest research in fitness, have a rant about the latest do-gooders’ legislation, share photos of their dinner or an inspirational story. Enjoy!

1. Robb Wolf

2. Mark’s Daily Apple

3. FatHead

4. Free the animal

5. Livin La Vida Low Carb

6. Body By Science

7. CrossFit

8. ThatPaleoGuy


9. Conditioning Research

10. GymnasticBodies


4 thoughts on “Life on the edge

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jon. I am familiar with these blogs but I am always happy to receive more info. There are some incredibly intelligent people on the net, like Stephen from wholehealthsource and Dr Harris. I just try to break their pearls of wisdom down to bite-size pieces.

  1. Anastasia, are you part of a practice in Sydney or will you starting practicing anywhere soon? If not can you recommend a paleo-friendly nutritionist in Sydney? Great to find this blog, Stephanie

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